Life is “Sweet” In Crockett

Entrance to Crockett
Former S&P Train Depot

Welcome to the Crockett Museum, located in the former S&P Railroad Station.

Visitors to the Crockett Museum are often charmed by the unique nature of the displays; many exhibits remain from the original ones created 40 years ago this September. The town of Crockett has been heavily influenced by C&H’s presence since 1906, and that influence is felt in the display of the evolution of sugar products and the sugar industry. Citizens of Crockett have enjoyed a proud connection with their local schools, and trophies and photos abound.

Other exhibits share information about the history of the town/area, businesses, churches, the Carquinez Bridge(s), fraternal/social clubs, and military service members.

One of the more popular artifacts in the Museum is an enormous 468 lb. taxidermied sturgeon (caught on a rod and reel), the likes of which will never be caught again! A complete collection of the Cubelet Press (the house organ of C&H from 1936-1992) is available for research, as well as Crockett Signal  and Crockett American from 1908 until 1976 and Crockett Signal magazine 1989 to present day.

If you are interested in sharing a talent, spending some time among artifacts, learning about the history of your town, or welcoming visitors, please call or stop by during open hours!

900 Loring Avenue
Crockett, CA  94525

Wednesday and Saturday from 10am to 3pm.

Visitors are always admitted for free and docents are available for questions.
For more information on arranging tours or planning your visit, call (510)787-2178.

Masks are encouraged for the safety and comfort of visitors and volunteers.
Masks are required for unvaccinated individuals.

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